Your organization needs people to handle critical activities. Gone are the days when manpower was necessary to carry out repetitive tasks. Now, let Robotic Process Automation carry out all the tasks that do not require critical thinking, and leave time for your employees to concentrate where they are needed most.

Robotic Process Automation is a method where software can perform multiple repetitive activity with surprising speed and excellent accuracy. From sifting through emails to store relevant data in different folders, to reading purchase orders for filling up databases, RPA is doing it all. What is even better is that you can run RPA on any cloud platform of your choice and make it rapidly scalable. Most importantly, RPA provides you with a Return on Investment from anywhere between 30% and 200%.

Irrespective of the nature of your business, you require smooth and rapid deployment and execution to succeed in a competitive environment. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain close collaboration & clear communication between existing process operators, RPA developers, and post-implementation RPA administrators.

RPA is a process that will lead to:
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Faster Processes
  • Removal of Human Error
  • Reduction of Man-Hours
  • Use of Man-power in Critical Processes
  • Easy Scalability
  • Consistent Quality
  • Enhanced Adherence to Compliance
  • Quick ROI
Most importantly, implementing RPA will ensure that your overall delivery process becomes standardized with high predictability, tight security, and ultimately lead to increased client satisfaction and better business.

Some of the problems we help you solve are:

  • Set up and maintain RPA with the option to rapidly execute processes using public clouds
  • With respect to cloud, we solve your worries about cost, security, vendor-locking, lack of skilled personnel, lack of knowledge, and experience
  • Improve response-time and productivity by leveraging automation
  • We own your concerns, understand your pain points, and share your vision

We have expertise in effectively leveraging cloud and automating your processes. We enable setting up complex environments in cloud while respecting concerns of security, tracking, and monitoring. You can optimize cost of resources in cloud, and have effective support with the help of alerts and notifications. We will support you with tools for issue tracking, time tracking, and collaboration. The processes will be lightweight, yet effective in realizing quick ROI. Most importantly, RPA will enable your personnel to have time to handle critical tasks where they are required.





Our client is a mid-level financial services company in the west coast that requires daily consolidation of multiple reports to calculate profit and loss. This is a repetitive but necessary task that requires significant manpower due to its volume, frequency, and need for accuracy. Multiple reports were consolidated in an excel sheet and redundancy was introduced in the process to ensure accuracy.


We implemented the project using the 6-step Pursuit Process. Firstly, we understood the existing system from our clients, and also independently assessed the situation to identify any areas that our clients might not have considered. Next, we looked at possible solutions to the problem. The most feasible method was to use a robot to consolidate the different reports and calculate the P&L. Once the solution was decided, we divided the task into different parts and set timelines for each. Then, we developed customized cloud-based tools to automate the process. Once the tools were developed, we used the tools in parallel with the existing system, gathered feedback, and calculated the “Adaptation Score”. We utilized the feedback to fine-tune the tool and improve the solution. We again tested the new solution, and once our team as well as the client team was satisfied, we accepted the project as completed.


The process improved in several ways on implementing RPA. Some of the benefits were:
  • Report production time reduced by 70%
  • Man-hours saved were utilized for other critical processes
  • Report accuracy increased by 16%
  • Within six months of implementing the system, other areas of the company also implemented RPA to automate their reports and save on man-hours



Our client is a mid-level bank in the east coast that wanted efficiency in loan application processing. Documents submitted in a loan application process needed to be manually entered, key information needed to be manually extracted, and actionable insights needed to be recognized. This was a classic area where RPA could be utilized to make the process much more accurate and efficient.


We approached the project using the 6-step Pursuit Process. Our team understood the existing system from the client, and we also performed an independent system review. We followed this up by deciding on target solutions, creating a strategy to achieve the targets, and setting deadlines for the same. Some areas to work on were automatic upload of the unstructured data, extraction of key points from the data, use of rules to apply accurate actions using the extracted data, and closing out the task after completion of the activities. Once the path was set, we developed customized cloud-based solutions that helped automate the processes, and then used the new procedures in several live projects. By observing the usage, we gathered feedback and calculated the “Adaptation Score”. We utilized the feedback to fine-tune the system and improve the process, and applied the improved process to more live projects. Once we were satisfied that the system was working to the expectation of both our team and the client’s team, we accepted the project as implemented.


Using RPA in this process had several benefits:
  • Time to process loans were reduced by 73%
  • Process accuracy was improved by 17%
  • Man-hours were reduced by 50% in the first month of implementation
  • Cost reduction per transaction led to improved profits for our clients