Businessman hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface as concept
Pursuit Software helps you support, maintain, and develop your Salesforce organization so that you can focus on improving your existing business and expanding into further services. This will help you:
  • Keep Salesforce relevant to evolving business environment
  • Prevent undesired investments
  • Ensure safety, security, and compliance
  • Improve Salesforce performance
We help you integrate your existing systems with the SFDC platform (integration support), tailor your applications as per your needs (customization support), and ensure that the end-users have a hassle-free experience (end-user support). Our engineers and staff help plan the entire SFDC journey, provide relevant training, support, and on-prem to off prem migration services, and regular system performance checks and optimization services.

Some of the problems we help you solve are:

  • Low Lead-to-Sale conversation ratio
  • Lack of customization and high sales cycle time
  • High dependence on individual employees during customer service
  • Not targeting the right business opportunities
  • Time-consuming processes, generic approach, and lack of personalization
We have expertise in effectively implementing and optimizing Salesforce platforms, and helping your employees become self-sufficient in using these platforms over time. We set up systems in cloud while respecting concerns of security, tracking, and monitoring. You can optimize costs of resources in cloud, and have effective support by leveraging alerts and notifications. We will support you with tools and resources. The processes will be light weight, yet effective in managing your requirements, equip you with a self-managing team, and optimize tasks by leveraging multi-skilling where feasible.